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Brazilian Solar Energy Congress – CBENS

The Brazilian Solar Energy Congress (CBENS) is the most important technical-scientific event in Brazil in the field of solar energy conversion technologies and touches upon other alternative renewable energy sources. At CBENS, there is opportunity for academic units and companies to present recently developed innovative work. CBENS brings together four types of activities involving knowledge diffusion:

  • Short courses
  • Technological fair
  • Conferences in plenary sessions and round tables
  • Presentation of scientific and technological works (via submission)

The fields of the VIII CBENS are:

  • Thermal conversion of solar energy
  • Photovoltaic conversion of solar energy
  • Meteorological data and instrumentation applied to renewable energies
  • Solar energy and the built environment
  • Market, Public Policies and Management in Solar Energy
  • Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts of Solar Energy
  • Education and Training in Solar Energy
  • Wind energy, biomass energy use, small hydroelectric plants
  • Tidal and wave energy and other renewable sources of energy

Who participates in CBENS?

    • CBENS attendees

As an event that values scientific work and technological development in the field of renewable energies, CBENS attracts researchers, teachers, students and professionals in the technology area. Each edition showcases innovative works that have been developed in the academic environment as well as the achievements of the productive sectors. Participating in CBENS provides an opportunity to get to know the people who make the development of renewable energies competitive and effective. Also participating in the CBENS are professionals involved in research funding and in the financing for installations of generation systems, as well as those in the sectors of metrology and laboratory instrumentation, and in the sectors related to the installation of plants and conversion systems, as well as those associated with distributed generation.


    • Technological Fair attendees

The Technological Fair integrated to CBENS presents products and services available for installation, use and measurement of conversion units of the main renewable energies, including biomass, micro hydro and wind power, solar thermal and photovoltaic solar energy. All participants in the CBENS, owing to the very physical integration of the two venues, may also attend the Technological Fair. Being an event open to the general public, however, businesses or people interested in knowing the products and services offered will also visit the booths. The Fair brings together companies that provide equipment, parts and services for productive applications and for the operation of research and teaching laboratories.


    • Parallel Technical Sessions

The parallel sessions furnish participants from different institutions with an opportunity to present the results obtained recently by their research groups. Works can be registered through the congress website and will be judged by a scientific committee comprising about 100 professionals recognized for their competence in the sector. Papers approved for presentation at the congress grouped into two categories: papers for poster presentation and papers for oral presentation. The works are also divided into groups according to their themes, so that every session encompasses a superordinate subject whose works on display are of common interest to attendees.


    • Plenary Sessions and Round Tables

The plenary sessions are interspersed with the parallel sessions to allow for the attendance of all those participating in the Congress. That is why topics of general interest have been selected and why the guest speakers figure prominently among national and international authorities in their respective fields. During the plenary sessions, Guest Conferences and Round Tables are made up of two or three exhibitors linked to the same major area. Topics should cover specific technologies for the conversion and use of renewable energies, economics and research funding, and systems facilities, advances in the development of specific materials and methodologies for the measurement and monitoring of conversion systems and meteorological data. The specific lectures and round tables of the VII CBENS, as well as the guest speakers, are currently under deliberation.

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