Thematic areas

Field Subarea field
1. Solar radiation
1.1. Solar resources and meteorology of solar radiation
1.2. Other meteorological data applied to renewable energies
1.3. Instrumentation associated with meteorological data acquisition
2. Flat plate collector thermal conversion
2.1. Solar thermal collectors and other circuit components
2.2. Solar thermal systems: space and water heating and cooling
2.3. Thermal conversion systems for industrial, agricultural and other applications
2.4. Instrumentation and tests for thermal conversion analysis
3. Thermal conversion with concentrators
3.1. Concentrated collectors and systems for thermal conversion in mean temperature
3.2. Systems and facilities for CSP
4. Photovoltaic conversion
4.1. Materials and Technologies of photovoltaic conversion cells
4.2. Photovoltaic modules technology and testing
4.3. Installed photovoltaic systems technical aspects
4.4. Photovoltaic systems monitoring and control
4.5. Testing and technology of inverters and other power electronic devices
4.6. Photovoltaic tracking and concentration
4.7. PVT – Photovoltaic thermal hybrid systems: technology and applications
5. Solar energy and architecture
5.1. Architectural aspects of photovoltaic installations
5.2. Architectural aspects of thermal solar installations
5.3. Solar energy associated to thermal comfort in the built environment
6. Other sources of renewable energy
6.1. Wind power conversion systems and machines
6.2. Micro hydro power systems
6.3. Biomass energy conversion systems
6.4. Other renewable energy sources (tidal and wave power)
7. Market, economy, policies and social aspects
7.1. Strategies and policies for renewable energies
7.2. Social, economic, and environmental impacts of renewable energies
7.3. Renewable energy education and training
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